Welcome to the ETHAFILTER website, a company serving the compressed air and gas filtration market.

Established in 1992, this company is acknowledged for the quality of the range of products offered, the fast dispatch service and above all for the technical and sales support our team knows how to provide Customers with, assisting them in finding and choosing the right solution as well as offering a reliable technical after-sales service.

The wide range of ETHAFILTER products, expressing the quality "Made in Italy”, include:

  • complete filter units for low and medium pressures,
  • steel filter units for high pressures (up to 450 bar),
  • sterile filtering units,
  • vacuum filters for industrial and medical applications,
  • high performing filter elements interchangeable with all brands available on the market,
  • refrigeration, membrane and adsorption dryers,
  • units for medical or breathing air applications,
  • heat regenerative dryers,
  • nitrogen and oxygen generators.

If you are looking for a product that is not included in this site or require further information and details, please contact us using the enquiry form in our Contacts page.